ICTSlab successfully implemented a three-day social programme for youth, PONDER, to empower youth with critical thinking skills.

A total of 45 youths from schools in Babrru, Kamza, Paskuqani and Tirana were trained by eight mentors in critical media literacy, media diversity, positioning and experience, image reading, and empowerment through critical media literacy and successful work practice. Five of the youths will have the opportunity to pursue an internship in  of the well-known media organisations, while ten others will have the chance to become influencers, publishing their work on various blogs.

“This training will equip these young people with skills that cannot be acquired from formal education, making them more competitive and increasing their chances of employment,” says UNICEF Albania representative Dr Roberto di Bernardi.

Ms Harriet Morgan, a representative of the UK Embassy in Albania, said “PONDER support is part of a broad initiative from the United Kingdom that started in 2019 to fight modern slavery, and a critical approach towards information is particularly important.”

“Young people are agents of change for social good and our duty is to support them,” said the co-founder of ICTSlab, Mr Kushtrim Shala.

The initiative was welcomed by the Deputy Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Mrs Nina Guga, who thanked UNICEF for the continuous support given to the Albanian government.

Implemented by ICTSlab this event is part of the programme ‘Transforming the national response to human trafficking in Albania and from Albania’, which is led by UNICEF Albania and supported by the UK government.